Who we are

The Law Firm Di Nardo is the son of seventy-seven Bologna when a young man, after 4 years of work at the Court of Surveillance of Bologna, decided to start his own business and practice the free and noble profession of lawyer.

The Lawyer Vittorio Italo Di Nardo founded the Studio in 1981 in via dell’Orso 10 in the center of Bologna.

Over the years, lawyer. Di Nardo, which rose to the forefront of several cases of news, recognized for its technical skills in the subject, has held several courses for lawyers in different criminal matters.

The Firm has been offering legal, out-of-court and judicial assistance for the past 40 years. Historically he has distinguished himself for his activity in all areas of criminal law making use of colleagues of esteemed professionalism such as lawyer Francesca Orfei.

With the 2000s, the development of time, new technologies, the progressive increase of professionals within the Studio led to the care of subjects such as Civil Law, Labor Law, Commercial Law and Ammistrative. The experience of the new colleagues has allowed to consolidate the attention in the criminal law of the economy and of the enterprise (corporate crimes, bankruptcy, tributaries) and in particular the rights against the public safety and the crimes related to the Right of the Environment.

The Studio as its main office has moved, for some years, to Piazza dei Martiri 1 in Bologna and now consists of 15 lawyers. Qualified professionals who work in close and solid collaboration with the lawyer F. Christian Di Nardo, current owner of the Firm, keeping alive the founding values ​​of over 30 years ago, inextricably linked to the protection of Human Dignity in all its aspects.

The lawyer F.Christian Di Nardo brought the Firm into an international dimension in various sectors.
The same has held Lectures and Courses as a “Criminal lawyer and Immigration lawyer” at American Universities in Italy.

Having assisted Companies, Companies, various Italian Municipalities, having dealt with the responsibilities of the Entities (Legislative Decree 231/2001) over the years – did not forget – the founding values ​​of the certain type of lawyer, member of the Law Firm, consisted in the defense of the Fasce Deboli and of a profound Humanity that will always want to protect a defendant, guilty or innocent but in any case man, not allowing that Dignity is never prejudiced.

The exercise of the profession is therefore based on fighting with all the instruments of the law for every discriminated against any race, sex or religion. Always and everywhere to fight for the Victims of Crimes, (link European directive 29/2012) against violence against women, protection of minors, protection of different sexual orientations, of separated fathers.